Winter in Richmond

December 21, 2009

Richmond upon Thames is such a beautiful place at any time of year but the winter always creates special photographic opportunities.

These prints – and more – are available to buy.

4 Responses to “Winter in Richmond”

  1. ryan hayes said

    It’s really coincidental that I just stumbled on this blog. I’m actually in a flat overlooking the snow coming down over Richmond Bridge on Hill St right now! 🙂 These photos remind me of the last big snow we got in February: Very cool. Am subscribing to the feed now as it’ll be interesting to see another perspective of this area (I’ve been shooting Richmond at least once a week for the last two years). I wish the snow we’re getting right now would stick through the morning but it looks like it’s melting faster than it’s settling. 😦

  2. The second photo is just wonderful!! Love the effect/light ang grouping of the deer. Merry Christmas!

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